John And Floyd Lawn Care Services, Inc Shrubs & Hedges
John And Floyd Lawn Care Services, IncShrubs & Hedges Services

John And Floyd Lawn Care Services, Inc Shrubs and Hedges

There are many different kinds of shrubs, which can be planted alone or in a line to create a living wall. These living walls can provide privacy, security, reduce winds, deter deer and other animals. Hedges and shrubs also help contribute to a diverse garden, and make a property look beautiful in ways that range from elegant and classic to wild and whimsical. Shrubs can range in size from two feet to more than 50 feet tall. John And Floyd Lawn Care Services, Inc provides garden planning and shrub installation services and can help advise you on which of these diverse and beautiful plants are right for you. Contact us today to learn more about which shrub is best suited for your property type.

Shrub and Hedge Care Services

Shrubs can be one of the most high-maintenance parts of a garden. Shrubs require several pruning’s a year until they reach the height you pictured for them.Pruning a shrub properly requires specialized equipment, including hedge trimmers, and measurement equipment.

Hedges reflect the amount of effort that a gardener or landscaper puts into them! Properly trimmed and maintained shrubs and hedges increase the curb appeal of your business or home. Planting and health maintenance are no easy job. It is best to contact our team of professionals. We are experienced gardeners and arborists with shrub and hedge care. We use the proper equipment, such as shears, to give you the best outdoor aesthetic result.

We are the specialists in landscaping. Trust in us to give your shrubs and hedges the best care there is. Moreover, if you require additional services such as tree removal or tree trimming, our team can handle the work!

John And Floyd Lawn Care Services, Inc Shrubs & Hedges

Hire a Landscaper for Garden Shrubs and Hedges

Garden planning is an essential part of bringing your landscaping dreams to life. The right garden planner can help determine which shrubs are best for your climate, region, budget, and aesthetic taste. Once you’ve planned your garden, an experienced landscaper like the ones available at John And Floyd Lawn Care Services, Inc will be pleased to install your shrubs or hedges and advise you as to their care and maintenance until the time comes to prune them.

Once it’s time to prune your hedges, a landscaper will know how to prune them to maximize privacy, noise reduction, and wind reduction. A landscaper is trained to provide precise pruning that works for your aesthetic needs, as well as the specific needs of the plant. A trained landscaper will know how to prune to avoid damage to the plant. Avoiding damage leads to quicker growth for your plants and ensures a beautiful bloom for this year and the years to come.

Call Today for Low-Maintenance Shrubs

If you have questions about which shrubs are right for the climate of your property or are best suited to fit your needs, give us a call at (754) 246-8551 today, to speak to one of our expert garden planners. If you already have a clear vision for the future of your property, call us to set up an assessment. The property of your dreams is closer than you think!