Sprinkler Blowout in Pompano Beach

Want to protect your irrigation system and avoid costly spring repairs? Removing excess water from your sprinkler system is tremendously important to the overall health of your lawn.

At John And Floyd Lawn Care Services, Inc, we have been providing affordable and professional sprinkler blowout service for years. We have the tools, skills, and expertise to get the job done right, without breaking the bank!

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Choosing John And Floyd Lawn Care Services, Inc for Your Irrigation System Blowout

While blowing out your irrigation system may seem simple enough, winterizing your irrigation system from home can be risky business. Small air compressors do not have the power to ensure that your system is free of excess moisture. Calling a professional ensures that your system remains fortified against the elements.

On top of having the proper skills, tools, and expertise for the job, at John And Floyd Lawn Care Services, Inc, we are proud to offer services that are highly convenient and affordable.


Don’t have time to supervise your sprinkler blowout? No problem. Once we know the location of your sprinkler system, we can go about our work while you go about your day. The service takes about an hour to an hour and a half to complete.

Want a follow-up? Our helpful team is happy to come back to your property and restart your irrigation system when spring returns.


Although sprinkler winterization is an important and worthy investment, we still maintain low prices to appeal to a wide variety of customers. We also ensure to be transparent about our pricing, so there are no surprises on the final bill.

Sprinkler Winterize: Consultation

When you make that call, we will discuss with you briefly what type of irrigation system you have in place. Depending on the size and style of your system, it may require specialized care. At John And Floyd Lawn Care Services, Inc we have been servicing sprinklers for years, and are more than comfortable blowing out any sprinkler system that is in front of us.

We can also use this time to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Sprinkler System Winterization: The Process

At John And Floyd Lawn Care Services, Inc, we work hard to ensure that every aspect of your irrigation system is fully prepared to face winter’s elements. Here is how we do what we do.

  1. First, we will ensure that the valves are turned off
  2. We will then shut off the automatic controller, saving you money on electricity
  3. After that we will attach our compressor to your blow out port, blowing excess water out of the system
  4. We will ensure that the sprinkler heads, rotors and backflow devise are free of moisture
  5. Once the system drains completely, we will be on our way

The Best Sprinkler Blow Out in Pompano Beach

For years, the team of sprinkler specialists at John And Floyd Lawn Care Services, Inc has been helping homeowners, and business owners get winter-ready. Our professional services are not only convenient but affordable. Our customers choose to return to our services each season because they trust us to get the job done properly, hassle-free.

Why not take advantage of our expertise? Get in touch with us to book an appointment today.