Tree Removal in Davie

Trees are majestic and resilient creatures, and at John And Floyd Lawn Care Services, Inc we believe that every tree deserves respect. We also know that trees contribute valuable things to an ecosystem, and sometimes the best thing you can do for that ecosystem is to cut down the tree. What’s more, trees can cause financial, inter-personal, and human safety risks if they’re not healthy or if they’re in the wrong place. John And Floyd Lawn Care Services, Inc is proud to offer tree and stump removal to Davie!

Tree Cutting and Removal

John And Floyd Lawn Care Services, Inc offers tree cutting and removal services. Our specialists have years of experience with removing trees. Our arborists are trained on the specific approach necessary to cut a tree damaged by a storm or disease, and how these approaches differ. With great care and attention, our arborists safely remove tree stumps or diseased limbs while avoiding injuries.

Our tree professionals are proud to be able to remove unwanted or damaged trees with special attention to the surrounding soil, so you can be sure that any construction project you may be undertaking can be completed without any unforeseen damage. We also handle the cleanup stage and will break down parts of the tree for firewood or recycling.

Our team is available on-call, 24-hours a day for all emergency situations. We are standing by, call now!

Tree Stump Removal

Once a tree is removed, a stump is often left in its place. These stumps can be ugly and reduce the curb appeal of your lawn or the visual appeal of another otherwise beautiful green space. What’s more, stumps can also be a tripping hazard for residents, employees, or visitors.

When a stump is removed, the entire root system must be removed.

This requires patience, equipment, and a knowledge of exactly how a root system works. If a root system is removed improperly, it could continue to take nutrients from the surrounding soil. An improperly removed root system could also get in the way of a construction project some time down the line.

Due to how large root systems can be, and how unpredictable they can seem to the untrained eye, if someone untrained attempts to remove a root system, they can pose a risk of causing major damage to the surrounding property. This can mean the erosion of soil, damage to root systems of other green investments, and costly repairs or replacements for structures or other plants.

We are certified experts in the tree business and guarantee affordable and specialized services for your business or home. We have all the equipment and training needed to perform your tree services with ease and efficiency.

Call Today for the Best Tree Cutting Services

If you suspect you may have to remove a tree soon, it’s best to have a trained professional assist you in determining how to proceed. If you need to speak to a trained professional for advice, or if you have a tree or a stump that you know has to go, give us a call at (754) 246-8551 to speak to one of our representatives today!